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Successful Drug Recoveries

We invite you to explore these stories about the successful recovery from an addiction. Then we want you to share yours with us. You can e-mail it to the webmaster or submit it using our success form.

  1. Jane 36 Female - Sober since 1996
  2. Don 45 Male - Sober since 15 July 1999
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1  Jane 36 Female - Sober since 1996

Hi my name is Jane N. and I am a drug/alcoholic addict. I was born in a small town in southern WI. and our town was 80 percent bars/taverns, so growing up thatís all that we were taught, drinking was the thing to do, everybody does it, of course I started at a young age so as time went on it didnít take long for me to move on to other drugs was introduced to the needle which became my drug of choice when I was 17 yrs old by my sisters boyfriend, I feel in love with my worst nightmare!! Through out the years i was in relationships that were very abusive and my drug use increased drastically it kept me from having to deal with reality, I had no self esteem to speak off for many years, I was beaten for no reason at all 99 percent of the time. One day I had gotten home from work and of course he didnít work and I walked in the door and he wanted money I tried to explain to him we had spent it all on drugs and that we needed help it had gotten out of hand and my the stove there was a large stick that he used for the patio and he picked up the stick and started beating me with it I donít remember a whole lot about it but when I finally woke up in a pool of blood my baby Doberman had been cut open and laid on top of me, I freaked out I could barely move I tried to get up hoping that he was gone but he heard me I guess and he came around the corner holding that stick and I begged him please donít I will get some money somehow please donít I think Iím really hurt, he said you should be you worthless bitch, my insides felt like they were ripped apart I didnít really know where I belonged anymore, he didnít let me have friend or see my family because most of the time I was beaten up. I knew I had to get away from him so I started talking to a neighbor who was helping me make my plan of escape it took awhile because allot of the time I felt like no one else would want me or except me for the life style I had been living, but finally I did it I got the courage to go the lady next store to me to my sisters about a hour away. I felt like I could breath again I still looked over my shoulder ever other minute but eventually it went away. It wasnít long and I meet new friends and of course they were into drugs and drink, and I was in heaven (hell) and this time I started selling to support my $500.00 dollar a day habit, when they say prisons, institutions and jails they are not lying! My drug use worsened I only weighted 80 lbs. soaking wet, I had to shoot some coke one afternoon and someone knocked on the door so I shot it in anyway, my arm started to hurt and I could barely move it I went to doctors and they treated me like the addict I was they ignored my pain and treated me like a statistic! My arm became seriously infected with celulitious and became gangrened, my sister talked me into going to the ER and the took one look and said or room stat when I woke up they told me how lucky I was to still have my arm, but I really thought nothing of it when they left the room I called a friend to bring me some drugs and a needle the power of addiction huh! And for years to come thatís how I continued to live in and out of jails do anything and everything to get drugs I hated what I had become I couldnít even look at myself, then the day came I can remember it like it was yesterday, I went and copped and got home got everything ready to go and I had two needles full and ready I did them back to back and I stood up and fell to my knees it was at that point I said, "GOD HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME" I looked in the mirror and began to cry I didnít like what I was looking at all, I was alone scared and tired, tired of the life I was living picked up the phone book and I called the AA hotline they asked me where I was and I told them they called a treatment center and they called me back and told me the name of the place I knew where it was and they wanted to pick me up I said no I walked 5 miles in the middle of the night to the place and thetas when my life started, thank god of the program it saved my life I stayed in treatment for 6 months because I didnít know how to live I was like a kid having to learn all over again but it was worth ever day of it. Their were obstacles in my way but I bypassed them because I wanted a life like the other people had. I went through whatever I had to, to over come the burning desire I had for the drugs, I was finally free, free to live I had self esteem I had freedom to speak when I wanted to, I wasnít in fear of being beat told to jump when told to jump I was JANE N. and I loved it I found serenity within myself thanks to the programs and fellowships of AA & NA I owe them my life and for them I am truly grateful and proud to me part of the recovery program the love and dedication is overwhelming. Iím proud of who and what I am and that I was able to raise my daughter sober and the rewards are worth it, For the grace of God go I!! The twelve steps of this program work they have kept me sober and out of jail for many 24 hrs and for that I am grateful, thank you.


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2 Don 45 Male - Sober since 15 July 1999

My name is Don and I'm a grateful recovering addict. I believe my battle with my addiction started long before I used drugs. I had to be a perfectionist in all things in my life. So it just goes to show that when I started using, I had to go all the way. I started using when I was 12yrs old. I never really thought I had a problem. But later in life, I realized that I could not stop. When I first tried to stop, my problems increased. I had gone to meetings with my Mom when she had quit drinking. At that time, I didn't like them. I kept thinking.....I don't need to be here, I can do this on my own. No one better than an addict that has tried to quit on his own can tell you...."It doesn't work that way". When I finally decided that I needed the 12 Step Program to quit, I was 38 yrs old. I went to meetings, but my addict thinking made me sit in the corner and just want to be alone. As I sat there, I listened to what everyone was sharing about, but never really heard their message. When I started hearing my story in the others sharing, I started to listen. I decided that this is a good program and it could help me. If I worked it. Then there was that addict thinking in the way again. I thought, sure, this program will work. I started working the steps but I did it on my own. WRONG thinking. After 2 yrs of working the program this way I relapsed. I was back out where I didn't want to be. And I was out there for another 4 yrs before finding my way home. I came back in and still tried to work the steps on my own for another 9 months. I guess that is when my birth into the program really happened. One night in an on-line meeting, I was sharing about getting ready to do my 4th step. During my share I mentioned that I still had not found a sponsor. When I was finished with my share, I got a message from one of the members of the meeting. He was asking if I was trying to work the program on my own. When I told him that I was, he asked why. I told him I had a problem with asking for help. That is when my life really changed. He offered to sponsor me. Some people would balk at this. A sponsor on the net? This man is not only an on-line sponsor. We have met face to face. He only lives about 40 miles from me. He has helped me work my first 3 steps and is helping on my 4th now. I am actually working this program the way it should be. Thanks to him, and NA, I now have 13 1/2 months in recovery. I have learned to love myself. I can look in the mirror and like what I see. This program means so much to me and I want to thank my Higher Power for showing me the way to the rooms of NA. And for sending my sponsor to me. 2 things I always remind myself of every day are: Tell yourself....Just For Today, I will not use----And DON'T PICK UP, NO MATTER WHAT...call someone first. Thanks for letting me share my story. Forever grateful, Don M


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